Icelandic town creates 3D zebra - PHOTOS

  29 October 2017    Read: 779
Icelandic town creates 3D zebra - PHOTOS
A SMALL fishing town in Iceland is the latest destination to introduce an INGENIUS way of getting drivers to slow down, the Sun reports.
A “3D” zebra crossing has been painted which gives the optical illusion of the white stripes floating above the ground and obstructing the road.

The pedestrian crossing has been created in Ísafjörður in northwest Iceland in the hope of making drivers lower speed to reduce the risk of accidents in the pedestrian area.

The creative design also gives those crossing the appearance of walking on air.

Icelandic environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla was inspired to implement the seemingly-3D crossing after being inspired by a project in New Delhi.

Enlisting the help of street painting company Vegmálun GÍH, the unusual installation is now a reality.

The creative design gives the optical illusion of the stripes hovering above the road.

As well as in India and Iceland, the crossing is now a feature in several countries, including South Africa, Kyrgyzstan and China.

It’s not the only unusual method used to slow down vehicles on the roads.

Russian road safety experts previously employed TOPLESS women to hold speed limit signs… and drivers are more than happy to slow down.

Earlier this year it was announced speed bumps could soon be scrapped from Britain’s roads as part of the government’s dramatic plans to curb pollution.

The move comes after it emerged that the hated humps are actually bad for the environment - as well as stress levels – because they cause higher levels of nitrogen dioxide.

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