Terrorist's most impolite word- CARTOON

  22 November 2017    Read: 2717
Terrorist's most impolite word- CARTOON
New military-sport school named after famous Armenian terrorist Monte Melkonyan was inaugurated in Armenia. President Serzh Sargsyan also attended the opening ceremony devoted to terrorist's 60 year anniversary in Dilijan.
The interesting part of the issue is Sargsyan's statements during his speech. Calling Monte as "legendary hero", Sargsyan spoke of his honesty, truthfullness and politeness: "No one has heard any bad language and vulgar words from him. His rudest word was "donkey"..."

Hearing such kind of word from president should not seem strange to you. The reason is that Sargsyan's presidency is an absurd situation like Melkonyan's "politeness", "honesty" and "truthfullness". No need to discuss his rudest word. If Sargsyan claims that Melkonyan's rudest word is"donkey", he has an evidence to tell it. Maybe he speak from his experience...

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