Armenia pokes its nose into Jerusalem's fate

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Armenia pokes its nose into Jerusalem's fate
"When cosmonauts fly from different countries of the world to different planets of the solar system for studying the existence of life on them, it is necessary to take into account interests of the Armenian people. Indeed, all these planets are homelands of the Armenian people. For example, ancient historians were well aware of the existence of Lunar Armenia, as well as of Venereal Armenia. However, the last one has nothing to do with well-known planet."There are still no such publications in the Armenian media. But that's only for now. As soon as mankind finds life on other planets, such an opus will immediately emerge in one of the Armenian media.
Why am I so sure of this? Because Armenia is accustomed to poke its nose into any conflict as well as any process occurring around the Earth. “Armenian roots” will be found in any famous or historical character. Then, they will declare their willingness to get profit from projects in which Armenia is not a participant. Regarding the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Armenia did not intend to get profit as the country has been isolated from all important regional processes because of its occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

Briefly, it is difficult to find something to which the Armenians have not touched yet. And therefore, it is not by accident that the Armenian 'nose', which has not yet been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, has also appeared on the issue of the future of Jerusalem. " Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United States could only be concern among Armenians," Yerevan media discusses seriously. But that is not all.

"Discussion of the issue on the status of Jerusalem is unacceptable without the direct or indirect participation of Armenian structure that are obliged to bear responsibility for preserving the millennial heritage left by the founders of the Jerusalem throne of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Is Armenian diplomacy ready for such exam? ", they ask in Armenia expressing in the words of Gogol's hero, ‘extraordinary lightness of thought’.

In this article, there is such nonsense that the enumeration of them is rather appropriate in the psychiatrist's office, which would determine the degree of neglect of the disease in the author of the opus. The Armenian community of Jerusalem is almost the same age as Christianity. But the general meaning of this babble is that the Armenian side is the most important participant in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"As a result of the war in 1948, Jerusalem was divided into Eastern (Arab) and Western (Israeli). During the six-day war of 1967, the Israelis took control of the eastern part of the city. The UN did not recognize the sovereignty of Israel over the conquered territories, "the article of one of the Yerevan media reports. And this is not the only stone thrown into the garden of Israel.

The authors of the opus complain that at the beginning of the last century the Armenian Apostolic Church had about 70 monasteries and churches in the Holy land, and now it is 14. They say, the population of the Armenian quarter war decreased 8 times after the first Arab-Israeli. Now the status of permanent residents of East Jerusalem is only about three thousand Armenians. Now it is left to hear about the next "genocide" of Armenians, with a simultaneous attempt to blame on both the Israelis and the Palestinians for this new myth.

In the meantime, the authors of what is well suited to the fantasy nonsense, decided to recall that the debate on where the border dividing the city into two capitals should be has a long history. They point out that in July 2000 at Camp David, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak and the leader of the Palestinian administration, Yasser Arafat managed to reach principal agreement on this matter with the mediation of US President Bill Clinton.

And the rest is just a ‘song’. "No one was interested in Armenians’opinions on this issue. The plan suggested by the American diplomats completely neglected the right of ownership of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Camp David Agreement was essentially a plan for the complete and final destruction of the Armenian Jerusalem. Fortunately, this was avoided. After long hesitation, Yasser Arafat has still rejected the idea of partition of the Armenian Quarter. He publicly declared: "From now on, you can call me Arafatyan, because I will not betray Armenians for anything," the article says.

This was Bill Clinton who tried to destroy the Armenians of Jerusalem with the assistance of Israel? The Armenian side was rescued by Yasser Arafat? In short, the authors of the article defined their preferences expressing the common opinion of the Armenian side. Armenians are against Israel and for the Palestinians. It is not surprising. After all, for all the years of Armenia's formal independence, Armenia and Israel never exchanged embassies. Moreover, the Armenian side explained this by their unwillingness to spoil relations with the Arab world. So, the whole world was surprised to learn that Armenia considers itself also a part of the Arab world. The only thing missing is the assertion of the Armenian side that Islam is preached in Armenia.

Moreover, Armenia does not have any diplomatic or economic relations with Palestine either. There is no embassy or consulate of Palestine in Armenia. There are only memories of the statements of Yasser Arafat and an ineradicable desire to look at the whole world from his point of view. Now it is important to recall its interests in the process for the Armenian side which has nothing to do with this process.

Disillusionment will happen in the usual way. Both Israelis and Palestinians will affectionately inform Armenian diplomats and other mythmakers where they need to go and at what speed without turning off. Actually, in the same direction they have long been sent to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, when official Yerevan is chattering about its plans to join regional projects. Apparently, a little more and the Armenian side will reach to the point that it is indicated. But it's unlikely that even this will undeceive...

Akber Hasanov

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