There is no legal basis in establishing “friendship” relations by Armenians in French provinces

  11 January 2018    Read: 1964
There is no legal basis in establishing “friendship” relations by Armenians in French provinces
We have recently observed Armenia’s next show and cooperation. The Armenian government set their hands to lies and falsifications in order to distract Armenian people living in poor conditions in the background of social tensions, foreign policy and successive failures in the front line, as well as unemployment and increase in poverty rates.
Currently, the news, which makes headlines, relates to the celebration of “Karabakh days” in different French cities (collecting donations) and establishing “brother city relationship” between Armenian-occupied territories of Azerbaijan and prefectures in France.

We have to admit that indeed, a few cities, even villages of France signed such a “document”. The point is whether these “documents’ have a legal or political significance. It is possible to find an answer to this question in the official document signed by French foreign and interior minister.

On July 2, 2015 those ministries sent joint signed document to the prefectures envisaging prohibition of such activities and published them on websites of some official bodies (

Besides, French officials said that above-mentioned ban has always reminded the leaders of prefectures and that relevant work is being carried out to prevent illegal initiatives. The documents also states that external policy of France was defined by the central government and the local agencies have no authority.

What will happen if such a document would be signed with Armenian citizens, suffering from hunger and poverty and seeking ways to escape to foreign countries? Hundreds of such “document” does not cost 234 drams (0.80 AZN) to get a piece of bread.

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