24,000 Georgian nationals are illegally foreign citizens

  19 June 2013    Read: 474
24,000 Georgian nationals are illegally foreign citizens
24 thousand Georgian citizens are in parallel illegally citizens of another state. According to the Ministry of Justice, the public services agency is actively working on updating voter lists and analyzing the database.
During the work it was found that 24,000 citizens of Georgia are in parallel illegally possessing the nationality of another state and have not notified the Georgian authorities about that. According to the Constitution of Georgia, this situation is a cause for termination of citizenship of Georgia.

"Georgia is trying to protect its citizens and their interests. Accordingly, the National Agency of public service appeals to all such persons, regardless of their position or status, to join the proceeding and contact the agency for obtaining dual citizenship. Then the viability of assigning them citizenship will be evaluated, the conclusion will be forwarded to the Administration of the President and in the case of a positive decision, Georgian President will grant them citizenship. Now we declare that foreign nationals who want to at the same time to be citizens of Georgia shall submit an application to the National Agency of public services," the department stated.

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