Catalonia's Puigdemont arrives in Denmark without being detained

  22 January 2018    Read: 703
Catalonia's Puigdemont arrives in Denmark without being detained
Carles Puigdemont, the former leader of Catalonia, arrived on Monday in Denmark and left the airport without being detained, Reuters reporters said.

Spain’s state prosecution service had said on Sunday it would seek Puigdemont’s arrest if he traveled from Belgium to Denmark to attend a debate he is billed to host.

Reuters reporters at the airport saw him come through customs at Copenhagen airport a little after 0700 GMT, get in a car and leave. It was not clear where Puigdemont was headed.

The Danish state prosecutor was not immediately available for comment on whether Spanish authorities had issued an international arrest warrant. Nor could the state prosecutor’s office in Madrid immediately clarify whether an international warrant had been issued.

Puigdemont fled to Brussels in October after his regional government declared independence from Spain on Oct. 27 following a referendum ruled illegal by Spanish authorities. Madrid also sacked his cabinet and imposed direct rule over the region.

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