Iran buried under snow, blocking roads, shutting air traffic

  28 January 2018    Read: 1494
Iran buried under snow, blocking roads, shutting air traffic
Heavy snowfalls in Iran that began on Thursday and continued through Saturday night have brought joy to ski-lovers and a lot less fun to drivers and municipal workers.

Some 20 northern and western Iranian provinces have been hit with their first heavy snowfall after a month of abnormally warm winter, IRNA news agency reported Sunday.

Both of Tehran's international airports Imam Khomeini International and Mehrabad were shut down due to poor visibility and "until further notice."

​​Heavy snowfall has also caused a lot of trouble for drivers, who became stuck on highways outside of the Iranian capital. The authorities have mobilized hundreds of Red Crescent teams to aid the drivers, while some 6,600 people have been put up in emergency accommodations.

​The deepness of snowdrifts in mountainous areas has reached some 1.3 meters, while the overall temperature is set to drop below —20 Celsius. According to the state gas company, it expects a rise in gas demand for certain northern provinces.

​At the same time, Tehran's mayor has asked people to aid municipality workers in snow-clearing efforts.

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