Why is NATO creating military Schengen zone?

  15 February 2018    Read: 2180
Why is NATO creating military Schengen zone?
NATO Defense Ministers agreed to create a so-called military Schengen zone to ease military movements across Europe.

Yesterday, the defense ministers agreed the proposal at the meeting in Brussels, RIA Novosti cited with reference to the military diplomatic source.

The idea has been expressed by the senior United States Army commander in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges. He said that allied troops and military equipment should move across Europe "as quickly as migrants do".

"We should have to meet all the EU road laws, respect sovereignty, but it is a surprisingly cumbersome process in several countries to get permissions to move troops, weapons, ammunition, even just regular convoys," Hodges said, adding that, for example, moving forces to Poland from Germany requires a five-day notice period.

This proposal was supported by a number of countries, including Lithuania, Estonia and the Netherlands.

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