Azerbaijanis in Georgia actively vote in Azerbaijan's presidential election

  11 April 2018    Read: 767
Azerbaijanis in Georgia actively vote in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani citizens living in Georgia, or temporarily reside there, are actively participatin in the Azerbaijani presidential election, Secretary of the Azerbaijani Embassy to Georgia, member of the election commission in Tbilisi Samira Aghayeva told on April 11.

"We have opened a polling station at eight o'clock in the morning. So far, we see really great activity of Azerbaijani citizens, who temporarily live in Georgia, study or work in different organizations and companies," she said.

Polling stations for Azerbaijani citizens, living or temporarily residing in Georgia, opened in Tbilisi and Batumi on April 11.

The polling stations at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia, located in Tbilisi, as well as the consulate of Azerbaijan in Batumi will be open until 19:00 [local time].

A total of 557 citizens, wishing to vote, were registered in Azerbaijan's consulate in Georgia. However, the number may increase, because any Azerbaijani citizen, eligible to vote, can take part in the election.

Azerbaijan is holding presidential election today, on April 11. Eight candidates are registered for participating in the elections.

On the voting day, 5,426 permanent polling stations and 215 temporary polling stations in 125 constituencies are operating in the country.

Web cameras have been installed in 1,000 polling stations in 119 electoral districts. During the day, the voting process can be observed online from the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The election is observed by 894 international observers (61 organizations, 59 countries) and 58,175 local observers.

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