Floods in Japan leave 134 dead, 88 missing

  10 July 2018    Read: 974
Floods in Japan leave 134 dead, 88 missing

Floods in Japan, caused by heavy rains, left 134 people dead, while 88 are missing, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said on Tuesday.

"As far as we know, 134 people have died. Ten people are [officially] listed as missing. At the same time, it has been impossible to confirm the security [and location] of 78 others," Suga told a briefing.

As of Monday night, 126 people were considered dead, more than 60 were believed to be missing.

According to the cabinet secretary, the authorities have received about 100 alerts from witnesses who said they saw floodwater washing away a car with people inside.

"To aid the damaged areas, 2 billion yen (about $18 million) has been allocated," Suga added.

Meanwhile, some 23,000 people have been ordered to evacuate from the town of Fuchu in Hiroshima Prefecture — one of the most disaster-affected areas — after a river burst its banks, the NHK broadcaster reported. Floodwater from the swollen Enoki River inundated the town, according to local authorities.

Heavy rain poured down on the southwest and center of Japan earlier this month, causing flooding and landslides. About 1,800 people were evacuated from the affected areas by Monday night, more than 11,000 people were staying in special shelters. Power was cut in over 20,000 households.

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