Siyavush Novruzov: `Opposition tries to create chaos in the country`

  10 April 2015    Read: 646
Siyavush Novruzov: `Opposition tries to create chaos in the country`
“Purpose of some parties, calling themselves opposition, who call people out to rally, is to create chaos in the country. They want to damage the image of Azerbaijan that will host European Games. This is a specific order that they received from a concrete center – abroad, it has been already financed. Supporter of the allocated funds is already known to us, it is Armenian lobby groups, which intend to cause the provocative actions in Azerbaijan. Such rallies will continue till the European Games, because they were ordered in this way,” deputy executive secretary of New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Siyavush Novruzov told APA.

Novruzov said that the event on the situation of human rights in Azerbaijan to be held in London on April 28 under the auspices of "Article 19” and with the support of "Human Rigts" is part of this mission.

“But it is known that human rights are protected at a high level in Azerbaijan. The imprisoned persons they are talking about were brought to justice for tax evasion, collaboration with foreign intelligence agencies and abusing power. As if threatening Azerbaijan with the upcoming European Games, they assumed a mission to achieve release of those persons by the European Games. To note that many people were named in the testimonies of arrested persons. The investigation revealed that a number of organizations spent the grants from abroad to disturb peace and stir up confrontation in Azerbaijan. Now, these are being revealed and they attempt for release of those persons. This is the reason of their assiduity.

The Yap official noted that despite all of these, the stability in Azerbaijan will not be violated.

S. Novruzov also touched upon on the rally of Musavat party: “The enmity between Musavat and APFP has reached the level that they want to show which party assembles more people. They struggle with each other for prestige. Now, Musavat wants to show that as they assemble more people than APFP. In any case, their rally consists of 300-400 children, persons around them”.

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