US State Dept expects new anti-Russia sanctions to come into effect on Aug. 27

  24 August 2018    Read: 977
US State Dept expects new anti-Russia sanctions to come into effect on Aug. 27

US State Department spokesperson told Sputnik that the new package of sanctions against Russia related to alleged Moscow's involvement in former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal's poisoning in early March is expected to come into effect on August 27.

"The notification… elapsed on August 22. We have submitted the Federal Register Notice enacting the sanctions and expect that it will be published on August 27th," the spokesperson said.

Washington announced its new anti-Russian sanctions over Moscow's alleged use of chemical weapons in Salisbury on August 8. The new sanctions include, in particular, a ban on supplies of dual-purpose electronic devices and components to Russia.

US government also threatened to impose another round of sanctions against Moscow that would include banning Russian carrier Aeroflot's flights to the US, limiting diplomatic ties and halting US exports, saying that the second wave of sanctions depends on Moscow's future policies.

Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in the Skripals case, pointing at the fact that London has neither provided evidence nor cooperated with Moscow in investigating the incident.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said after US sanctions announcement that if some sort of ban on banking activities or currency ban was imposed on Russia — it would mean a declaration of economic war ant that Russia would have to respond to it "economically, politically or in any other way, if need be".

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