Gunman kills at least 5 people in a series of shootings in California

  13 September 2018    Read: 1157
Gunman kills at least 5 people in a series of shootings in California

At about 5:20 p.m. local time an unidentified man arrived at the trucking company behind Bear Mountain Sports in East Bakersfield, California and opened fire, killing at least 5 persons, Reuters reported.

According to 23ABC News, the gunman killed his wife and a man at a trucking company in Bakersfield. Following the shooting, he then chased a person who witnessed the massacre to the front of Bear Mountain Sports where he shot the eyewitness, Kern County Sheriff's Department officials told 23ABC News Broadcaster.

The gunman then reportedly fled the scene to Breckenridge Road where he confronted two people at their home and shot them. He then hijacked a vehicle with a woman and child inside at Fillmore Avenue, however, woman and child made it out safely and were able to escape from the car, 23ABC News reported.

The gunman drove then a vehicle before he killed himself when he was reportedly confronted by a sheriff's deputy. Officials from the Kern County Sheriff's Department told local media that 6 people are dead including the shooter Wednesday evening.

Local authorities were working to determine "why this started and why so many players involved and the connection because obviously these are not random shootings," Kern County Sheriff's deputy Donny Youngblood was quoted as saying by Reuters.

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