OSCE PA president expected to appoint new special representative on South Caucasus

  13 September 2018    Read: 482
OSCE PA president expected to appoint new special representative on South Caucasus

OSCE PA president is expected to appoint a new special representative on South Caucasus, reads a message on OSCE’s website.

“To contribute to Assembly activities in the region, the President [George Tsereteli] is expected to appoint a new Special Representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on the South Caucasus region,” said the message.

In response to Trend’s question about the candidates to this position, OSCE PA spokesperson Nat Parry said that currently, Tsereteli is considering the options and there is no an exact timeframe for the appointment.

Earlier this position was held by Bulgarian politician Kristian Vigenin, who resigned in February 2018.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE is the parliamentary dimension of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, whose 57 participating States span the geographical area from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

The primary task of the 323-member Assembly is to facilitate inter-parliamentary dialogue, an important aspect of the overall effort to meet the challenges of democracy throughout the OSCE area.

Recognized as a regional arrangement under Chapter VIII of the United Nations Charter, the OSCE is a primary instrument for early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation in its area. The Parliamentary Assembly, originally established by the 1990 Paris Summit to promote greater involvement in the OSCE by national parliaments in the participating States, also pursues other important objectives which are stated in the preamble of the Assembly's Rules of Procedure.

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