Azerbaijani MPs criticize Pope Francis

  14 April 2015    Read: 797
Azerbaijani MPs criticize Pope Francis
Azerbaijani MPs have expressed their objections to Pope Francis
MP Zahid Oruj said that though the Armenians don’t have oil and gas, they have an important weapon [genocide].

“They claimed that the cradle of Christianity is Armenia and are using “genocide” as a weapon,” he added.

Oruj offered Azerbaijani young people’s visiting the Alley of Martyrs, a clerk’s putting flowers in front of the Catholic Church on April 24, instead of sending a letter to Pope.

Sabir Rustamkhanli said that the pontiff has had a role in mischief for thousand years.

“This man was born in Argentina where the Armenians have a big impact. At that time, 1.2 million Armenians were living in the Ottoman Empire, but this man claims that 1.5 million Armenians were killed. If the Armenians were killed, where did Armenians living in the world come from? A fair and honest man should call Armenia to end up the occupation and then for reconciliation. We should send a letter of protest and show support to Turkey,” he noted.

MP, People`s Artist Zeyneb Khanlarova said that as Pope`s position was revealed, there is no worth speaking about him: “People surrounding him are against us. Pope should not listen to them.”

Speaker Ogtay Asadov expressed his regret for the pontiff`s remarks regarding the so-called Armenian genocide.

“Policy is for politicians, not clerics. They talk about an issue that dates back to 100 years ago but keep silent about what happened 20 years ago,” he noted.

The speaker mentioned that there were 1,200,000 Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire at that time. 800,000 of them migrated to other countries and this fact is supported by documents.

“Now, how come 1,500,000 Armenian were massacred? It’s a historical issue. I regret that the Pope too joined this issue. I think there is no point in calling on him. They consider the Armenian Catholicos as their cardinal. The matter is clear,” he noted.

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