US gas for Europe will be 40% more expensive than Russian, Medvedev says

  20 October 2018    Read: 1388
US gas for Europe will be 40% more expensive than Russian, Medvedev says

Russian gas supplies are politicized by the United States but US gas will be 40% more expensive for Europe, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said after talks with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, TASS reports.

"This issue is highly politicized lately and not by efforts of Russia or Belgium, but by efforts of the United States in the first instance that wags its finger warningly at our European partners and says - do not buy gas from Russians. Why not? This is because the US has its own one," Medvedev said.

US LNG for Europe will require development of infrastructure and storage points, the Prime Minister said. "You and I understand pretty well any gas that will be supplied from the USD will be about 40% more expensive than gas supplied from Russia, simply by virtue of logistics of this process," he said.

Both pipeline gas and LNG are meant, Medvedev said. "Countering Russian natural gas on the European continent is an example of unfair economic competition, dressed up as some political care of European partners. I believe this is simply shabby and improper. We do nurture any sinister plans in respect of Europe. You and I are aware that Russia and the Soviet Union before that are supplying gas to West Europe for 50 years already and this only strengthens energy security of Europe, helping it to develop," he noted.

Gas consumption in Europe becomes higher because EU economies are growing, Medvedev added.

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