Thousands march in Rome to protest city's state of decline

  27 October 2018    Read: 977
Thousands march in Rome to protest city

Thousands of protesters marched the streets of Rome on Saturday with the motto "Roma dice Basta" (Rome says enough) to detest the city's state of decline, giving the trash piles, potholes and public transit chaos as an example.

The march ended on the Italian capital's Capitol Hill, where Mayor Virginia Raggi's office is located. Critics have slammed the Five Star Movement (M5S) politician over her inability to get the city's problems under control.

"Raggi, a pothole will swallow you," read one banner, as many other demonstrators called for her resignation. Six women organized the protest to air their grievances over the state of the city with 3 million residents.

The shoddiness of Rome's transit system recently made international headlines after an escalator full of football fans crashed down in an underground station, injuring dozens of people.

Raggi is currently in court over false statements she allegedly made, with a verdict expected on November 10. Should she be found guilty, the calls for her resignation will likely grow even more loud.

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