Syria war: Pro-government forces 'enter Manbij' amid Turkey threats

  28 December 2018    Read: 1084
  Syria war: Pro-government forces

Syrian pro-government forces have entered the key northern city of Manbij for the first time in six years, an army spokesman has said.

A Kurdish militia controlling the area withdrew and invited Syrian forces to retake the city amid fears that Turkish troops would launch a new offensive.

Turkey considers the Kurdish YPG forces to be part of a terrorist group.

The request by the US-backed Kurds follows the shock announcement that all US troops are to withdraw from Syria.

President Donald Trump announced the pullout of some 2,000 troops last week, asserting that the Islamic State group (IS) had been defeated.

But that claim has been disputed by important allies who say the move could lead to a resurgence of IS.



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