Lukashenko gives Putin salo and potatoes as New Year gift

  30 December 2018    Read: 875
Lukashenko gives Putin salo and potatoes as New Year gift

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave Russian President Vladimir Putin salo (food of cured slabs of pork fat) and four sacks of potatoes as a New Year gift, TASS cited Belarusian presidential press secretary Natalya Eismont as saying.

Speaking during a late night show "Makayenka, 9" on Belarus 1 television channel, Eismont said President Lukashenko presented with handmade baubles for a New Year tree other leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

"I should say that Alexander Lukashenko presented Vladimir Putin with not potatoes only, and in fact, as far as I know, Russian president likes good salo," Eismont said. "Alexander Lukashenko knows about it and during his previous visit he brought salo…, the most delicious of course, the selected Belarusian salo."

Eismont said that potatoes were brought afterwards. "As far as I know, potatoes were particularly ordered, because some time ago, perhaps half jokingly, Alexander Lukashenko asked Vladimir Putin, what he would like to get from the Belarusian president, from our country, and in response it was said - what else should I ask from Belarus? Potatoes and salo."

According to her, four sacks of potatoes were brought to Moscow and they were of different varieties.

"Some potatoes were for grilling, some for making hash browns, some for cooking them mashed, some for roasting and boiling. All of them were supplied with instructions," she said.

Eismont also said that after a lengthy deliberation the staff of the presidential administration decided to give the leaders of the CIS member states for New Year handmade baubles for a Christmas tree.

"They are absolutely exclusive," she said. "Initially they were considered by Alexander Lukashenko as a bit heavy and he asked to make them lighter and more festive."

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