Ex-Soviet spy-hunter says he is living under TWO death sentences

  01 January 2019    Read: 903
Ex-Soviet spy-hunter says he is living under TWO death sentences

A former Soviet military intelligence officer has spoken out about living life under two death sentences in an interview with The Guardian.

Viktor Suvorov, 71, worked for Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, for eight years before he decided to defect the Moscow based spy agency. 

Once highly regarded within the world of Russian intelligence, the former spy, born under the name Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun, also spent four years seeking out foreign agents in Switzerland while undercover. 

He and former Russian spy Sergei Skripal are believed to be the only known living people who have defected the Russian spy agency. 

After being recruited by the GRU in 1970, Suvorov soon became disillusioned by the Soviet system.

Since defecting Suvorov has not returned to the country and does not believe he will ever be forgiven.

He told The Guardian: ‘I have two death sentences [from the GRU and the Soviet supreme court].

‘You can’t imagine how relaxing this can be.

‘You don’t worry about money or headaches or getting ill. You think to yourself: “It doesn’t matter! I’m dead!”‘ 

Upon arriving to the UK the former Russian spy began to write and earn his own living by becoming a writer. 

He has since written 19 books- some on the history of the Second World War and others giving details on the inner workings of the GRU. 

Speaking on the plot to poison the Skripals, Suvorov added that there may well have been a small circle of people from the Russian embassy in London who were able to provide logistical support without knowing the full details.  

Now living in the UK, Suvorov said there is still a possibility the agency will attempt to end his life.

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