80 pct of Yemeni people need humanitarian aid: WHO

  17 January 2019    Read: 1626
80 pct of Yemeni people need humanitarian aid: WHO

More than 24 million people in war-weary Yemen remain in need of humanitarian aid, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Anadolu Agency reports.

"While Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, the situation is getting worse year by year," the WHO tweeted Thursday.

The organization went on to assert that an estimated 24.4 million Yemenis -- roughly 80 percent of Yemen’s total population -- still need humanitarian assistance to survive.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and several of its Arab allies have waged a massive military campaign against Yemen’s Houthi rebel group, which overran much of the country one year earlier.

The conflict has destroyed much of Yemen’s basic infrastructure, including water and sanitation systems, prompting the UN to describe the situation as one of “the worst humanitarian disasters of modern times”.

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