Seyidov: Difficult to overestimate Turkey’s role in fight against terrorism

  24 January 2019    Read: 2437
 Seyidov: Difficult to overestimate Turkey’s role in fight against terrorism

It is very difficult to overestimate Turkey’s role in the fight against terrorism, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Chairman of the Committee for International and Interparliamentary Relations of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Head of Azerbaijan’s Delegation to PACE Samad Seyidov said, Trend reports.

Seyidov made the remarks while commenting on a report at the PACE winter session in Strasbourg, France, in connection with the situation related to opposition politicians in Turkey.

Today, the world is becoming safer and more stable thanks to the enormous efforts of the international community aimed at fighting the "Islamic State" and other terrorist organizations, he said.

"The role we may play in this fight is enormous," Seyidov added. "It is very difficult to overestimate Turkey’s role in this fight."

“Turkey not only spent billions of dollars to fight terrorism and help victims of terrorism,” he said. “Turkey not only hosted and resettled millions of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Turkey sacrificed the lives of its sons, its daughters for the sake of peace in the region. Instead of expressing gratitude to Turkey, some politicians, some so-called politicians, if I can say so, are doing their best to help those who kill us.”

“I have a question,” Seyidov said. “What poses a big danger? What poses a big threat? Those who are trying to kill us using Kalashnikov rifles, or those who are trying to do everything possible to support those who are trying to kill us?”

“There is a group of people who try to position themselves as politicians, using a certain set of immunities, privileges, mandates, but in fact, they are equal before the law,” he said.

“If anyone stands for terrorism, if anyone openly calls for supporting violence, then they cannot remain real politicians, because politicians are those who are trying to represent the interests of their countries, their nations,” Seyidov said. “But these people are looking for something different. We must answer the question. Who do we support? Those who are trying to change the world or those who are trying to protect democracy, the world and Turkey?”

“And if we cannot support Turkey, let us at least voice our position for the sake of maintaining European values, because those who are now trying to position themselves as politicians will return to your government,” he said. “They are doing everything possible to take your powers, your authority in the European Parliament, and they will create even more problems for you in your Europe.”

The PACE winter session will continue until Jan. 25.

Azerbaijan's delegation headed by Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for International and Inter-Parliamentary Ties Samad Seyidov included Head of the Committee for Culture Rafael Huseynov, MPs Sabir Hajiyev, Ganira Pashayeva, Ulviya Aghayeva, Sevinj Fataliyeva, Elshad Hasanov, Fazil Mustafa, Asim Mollazade, Chingiz Ganizade, Sahiba Gafarova and Nagif Hamzayev.

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