Azerbaijani association appeals to EU over biased attitude

  29 January 2019    Read: 1510
Azerbaijani association appeals to EU over biased attitude

Azerbaijan’s Research Association of Social Problems has sent an appeal to the European Union over the biased attitude towards Azerbaijan shown recently by MEPs.

"The harassment policy of invader Armenia against Azerbaijan continues for more than 30 years," reads the appeal. “Twenty percent of the Azerbaijani territories are occupied by the Armenian armed forces. More than one million Azerbaijanis were expelled from their homelands in Armenia and in Nagorno-Karabakh region.”

“It surprises us that the European Parliament remains in the position of observer in the case of human rights abuses in Armenia, which has become a mono-ethnic country,” reads the appeal. “On the eve of the OSCE Istanbul Summit in 1999, the murder of prime minister, the speaker of the parliament and other high level officials in the Armenian parliament and also the killing of prisoners, as well as opposition party representatives show the level of arbitrariness in Armenia.”

“We strongly demand to stop such a double standard approach and biased attitude against Azerbaijan from the European Union,” says the appeal.



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