SOCAR Turkey planning to increase alternative energy production

  01 February 2019    Read: 2145
SOCAR Turkey planning to increase alternative energy production

SOCAR Turkey plans to increase energy production at the Petkim wind power plant to 200 gigawatt-hour, Director General of SOCAR Turkey Zaur Gahramanov told to Trend. 

He noted that this will be possible after the launch of 17 wind turbines.

The power plant, Gahramanov added, has now managed to bring the production to 25 megawatts. The maximum capacity of the power plant is 51 megawatts.

The oil refining and petrochemical industries are distinguished by the most intensive energy consumption among other industries, according to the head of the company.

"Our investments in alternative energy are important for the use of alternative energy sources in industry," he stressed.

The volume of investments in Petkim wind power plant is $55 million. The power plant was launched in 2017.

SOCAR is represented in Turkey by its subsidiary SOCAR Turkey Energy. So far, SOCAR Turkey Energy has invested over $14 billion in the Turkish economy. Meanwhile, 5,000 people work in the company and its annual export potential reaches $3 billion. Among SOCAR’s current assets in Turkey are the Petkim petrochemical complex, the STAR refinery and the Petlim port.

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