Armenian politicians object to Armenia's dispatch of humanitarian mission to Syria

  08 February 2019    Read: 4749
  Armenian politicians object to Armenia

A group of 83 Armenian specialists dispathces to Syria's Aleppo for a humanitarian mission with the help of Russia, spokesperson of Armenian Ministry of Defence Artsrun Hovhannisyan said on Friday. 

Spokesperson noted, Armenia decided to send the humanitarian mission to Syria because of the bad humanitarian condition, resolutions of the UN Security Council and existance of numerous Armenian diasporas in Aleppo. Armenian experts will carry out humanitarian activities related to mine clearance, providing medical services in Aleppo, exclusively in the areas where there are no military operations.

However, Armenian political analysts stated that Armenia sent the military mission to Syria with Russia's pressure which is contrary to the international law and Armenian legislation. 

Vice President of the Republican Party of Armenia, Armen Ashotyan noted, fate of the Armenian military serviceman does not interest the Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan and he uses them as a shield to protect the country from pressures. 

Ashotyan also added that there was not any official appeal from Syria. Otherwise, Pashinyan would speak in public about the appeal. 

"Speaking in the Armenian parliament, I asked Pashinyan about sending the Armenian military serviceman in accordance with the Armenian legislation and provision of their security. However, today Defense Ministry of Armenia stated that Armenia's military group has already reached to Syria. Pashinyan violated the laws for his own interest and political views. I have questions for Pashinyan: Why was the law violated and were Armenian military sent to Syria without a relevant international contract? How are the rights of the military men who are in Syria protected?", Ashotyan stated.

Other Armenian politicians also showed disagreement over the decision of the government. They claimed it is unacceptable for Armenia, which does not have enough soldiers in its army, to send soldiers to Syria because of Russian pressure.

Note, Russia's Pavel Felgenhauer and other famous military experts called the decision of the Armenian government to send a humanitarian military mission to Syria as an attempt to normalize the bilateral relations with Russia. They highlight that Yerevan's step will strictly affect its relations with the West. As Pashinyan is afraid of objecting against Russia in terms of strengthening its government, he was obliged to make this step.


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