"ASAN service" center is the revolution in public services field-Ilham Aliyev

  13 February 2019    Read: 4108
 "ASAN service" center is the revolution in public services field-Ilham Aliyev

"ASAN Service" center is the revolution in the public services field, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in his interview to the local TV channel.

"You cannot see corruption, bribery, rudeness and bureaucracy in the "Asan Service" center. I initiated the establishment of this service. I have to state that it is developed by young people working in this service. As a result of their hard work, the service has become a rare public service center", the president Ilham Aliyev noted.

"We proved that it is possible to prevent negative cases. None of the international organizations made any recommendations to us in this field. This was our decision and Azerbaijani young people execute it. Therefore, this is the revolution in the field of public behavior, public services and the relations between civil servants and citizen. Prior to the establishment of the center, the local citizens had to wait for many days to get any document. However, they can easily get many services at our centers. 

Every civil servant including the president serves the citizens. "ASAN" volunteers work with this principle. We have built "ASAN service" in a form that it will be able to independently function. The future employers of this service will obey its principles, as well. In this regard, this is a great movement. This year we will open five more "ASAN Service "centers. The number of services in the center increases day by day and currently, people have access to 200 services. Of course, we are proud of the work of the centers. 

Currently, our main aim is to build a powerful and modern country for our citizens and to pursue our policy despite the negative cases. Our struggle has administrative and institutional directions', the president added. 


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