MP talks future work of Center for Social Research in Azerbaijan

  15 February 2019    Read: 2290
  MP talks future work of Center for Social Research in Azerbaijan

A significant part of the working staff of the Center for Social Research (CSR) of Azerbaijan will consist of individuals who have worked in the field of domestic policy at the Center for Strategic Studies, said Zahid Oruj, MP, chairman of the board of the Center for Social Research, reports.

He notes, there are various requirements for persons on the remaining vacancies, which will be announced soon.

The chairman said that the creation of the CSR is intended to form healthy, reliable links between the state and the citizen.

“It is now recognized by everyone that any official decision requires the public to be prepared for it, as well as an active participation of the people in this policy. The CSR will make efforts to provide the country's leadership with reports and polls on a constant basis, within its capacity and authority. Our main task is working side by side both with international organizations and with local structures, the media and non-governmental organizations,” he said.

The Center for Social Research was established as per the decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated February 8, 2019, with Zahid Oruj being appointed as its chairman.

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