Another Armenian provocation prevented in Paris - PHOTO

  28 February 2019    Read: 2869
  Another Armenian provocation prevented in Paris -   PHOTO

Armenian activists of 'FRA Nor-Seround' fascist organization have attempted to disrupt an event held on Khojaly genocide victims in the Church of St Eustache in Paris.

However, Armenians could not prevent the event dedicated to the innocent victims of Khojaly genocide. The event was held as it was planned. 

More that 300 French and representatives of other nations attended the event and supported Azerbaijanis. Guests demanded Armenians to leave the church. 

Armenians broke into the church before the start of the event organized by Azerbaijani Embassy in France and Permanent Delegation of Azerbaijan to UNESCO. Armenians insulted the guests of event. Armenians showed their violent actions to French people, as wel as representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Paris.  

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