Cost of 2019 F-1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix insurance revealed

  04 March 2019    Read: 1386
  Cost of 2019 F-1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix insurance revealed

The 2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix is insured for $100 million, Bulent Ozerdim, commercial director at the Baku City Circuit Operations Company (BCC), said at a round table meeting on economic and social benefits from Formula 1 races, reports.

He said that 70 percent of the tickets have already been sold for the upcoming Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix to be held in April 26-28.

“About 78 percent of the already purchased tickets account for foreigners from 52 countries,” he noted. “Last year, citizens from 47 countries purchased tickets by this date. We believe that local citizens will buy the greatest number of tickets before the races. At least, this was so in previous years.”

He noted that Russia, the UK and Georgia are in the lead among the countries the citizens of which bought tickets for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2019, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the UAE and other countries.

“According to our calculations, the number of tourists visiting Baku to watch the Formula 1 races is definitely increasing from year to year,” he said. “For example, compared to 2016, the number of foreigners who came for the Formula 1 in Baku doubled, and this is a successful indicator.”Baku hosted the Formula 1 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix race on April 27-29, 2018, which was won by the pilot of the Mercedes AMG F1 team Lewis Hamilton.

The length of the Baku track, where teams compete for the championship, each represented by two drivers, is just over six kilometers. The length of the widest part of the track is 13 meters, and the narrowest width is 7.6 meters between the turns 7 and 8, which are situated along the Icheri Sheher (Inner City).

The Start and Finish lanes are located at the Azadlig Square.

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