Armenian Police detain 16 protesters in Yerevan

  14 March 2019    Read: 1231
  Armenian Police detain 16 protesters in Yerevan

Armenia police said they detained 16 people in downtown Yerevan after demonstrators protesting against the dismantling of cafes near Opera House ignored legal demands of police officers.

The protesters blocked Mashtots Avenue but police forcibly dispersed the crowd. Later on, the protesters blocked Tumanyan street.

Yerevan Municipality had disseminated an announcement on the restoration of the green area in the sector near Liberty Square.  

According to the announcement, economic operators having leased the land parcels and having started their businesses have received a notification from the relevant subdivision of the municipality, suggesting them to refuse a part of the land parcels granted to them by right of lease. This has frustrated the owners of the cafes.

They are holding a demonstration and trying to hinder the dismantling of the cafes

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