Azerbaijani army ready for war: Defense Ministry

  08 April 2019    Read: 2252
Azerbaijani army ready for war: Defense Ministry

The duty of each army in the world is especially to be ready for war, not for peace, Vagif Dargahli, spokesman for the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, told 

Dargahli made the remarks while commenting on Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan’s statement that Azerbaijan should prepare its army for peace.

“The duty of each army is to protect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity of the country, as well as to ensure its security and defense,” the spokesman said. “As the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Azerbaijan stated before, if Armenia wants peace, it must unconditionally withdraw its troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories.” 

“Armenia’s military and political leadership should once and for all understand that the Azerbaijani army can think of peace only after the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani territories. However, under current conditions, the Azerbaijani army is not ready for peace, but for war,” Dargahli added.


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