Turkey FM accuses Israel of targeting Anadolu Agency news bureau building in Gaza

  05 May 2019    Read: 2012
Turkey FM accuses Israel of targeting Anadolu Agency news bureau building in Gaza

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accused the Israeli military of targeting a building housing the Turkish Andalou news agency in its strikes on the Gaza Strip, RT reported.

The agency shared a video on Saturday purportedly showing rescuers combing through the rubble of the ruined building. Cavusoglu described the alleged attack as a “new example of Israel’s unrestrained aggression.”

“Israeli violence against innocent people w/out distinction is a crime against humanity. Those who encourage Israel are also guilty,” the minister added.

Israel launched air strikes and tank bombardments against the Gaza strip earlier on Saturday, after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants fired 200 rockets into Israeli territory.

The Israel Defense Forces did not admit to targeting the Andalou Agency building, claiming instead to have struck 120 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets, including an underground Hamas rocket factory, military intelligence and security offices, and other weapons manufacturing sites. The IDF also said it destroyed a “terror tunnel” used to smuggle Islamic Jihad fighters into Israel.

Although the IDF claims it struck military targets, the Palestinian health ministry reported a pregnant woman and her one-year-old child among the deaths. A 22-year-old man was also killed, although it is unknown whether he was a Hamas operative or a civilian.

The latest unrest in Gaza came as Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders were in Egypt for ceasefire discussions. Hopes for a break in the neverending conflict were dashed earlier this week when a rocket was fired into Israel, and two Israeli troops were shot and injured while on patrol along the border in Gaza, triggering IDF retaliatory airstrikes.

At least four Palestinians were killed and dozens of others wounded, including 10 children, three paramedics and a journalist. In the midst of the escalation, Hamas vowed a tit-for-tat response.

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