Azerbaijani parliament's extraordinary meeting to continue

  14 June 2019    Read: 868
  Azerbaijani parliament

The Azerbaijani parliament will continue to hold an extraordinary meeting on June 14, reports.

Thirty-six issues were put on the agenda.

The MPs will discuss the issues related to the amendments to the Constitutional Laws "On the Commissioner (Ombudsman) for Human Rights" and "On Normative-Legal Acts" during the two-day meeting which started on June 13.

Then, the amendments to the laws "On the status of Azerbaijani MP", "On administrative control over the activity of municipalities", "On the Chamber of Accounts", "On the Central Bank of Azerbaijan", "On state duty", "On road traffic", “On the National Archival Fund”, “On Roads”, “On Culture” and other laws, as well as the amendments to the Labor Code and the Code of Administrative Offences will be discussed.

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