ANAS hosts scientific symposium commemorating Ivan Ivanovich Karyagin

  21 June 2019    Read: 960
ANAS hosts scientific symposium commemorating Ivan Ivanovich Karyagin

A scientific symposium dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the correspondent member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Ivan Ivanovich Karyagin, outstanding scientist of the flora of Azerbaijan was organized by the Institute of Botany of ANAS and Society of Azerbaijan Botanists.

In his opening remarks, Academician-Secretary of Department of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS, academician Ahliman Amiraslanov highlighted the contributions of outstanding scientist to botanical science of Azerbaijan and its development. He mentioned that 43 years of his life Ivan Karyagin devoted to the investigation of the flora of Azerbaijan, study of systematic and floristics of plant cover, and rendered unexampled services towards the creation and enrichment of the Herbarium Foundation.

Speaking about the life, scientific and scientific-organizational activity of Ivan Karyagin, academican Valida Alizade, director of the Instititute of Botany of ANAS gave information about the meaningful life path of the scientist who had a special place in the study of the botanical science in Azerbaijan. She noted that 8-volume fundamental contribution “Flora of Azerbaijan which was published in 1950-1961 under his leadership and scientific editorship is the greatest heritage of the scientist. Naming of several new plant species after him is portentous. For the results of his studies Ivan Karyagin was honoured the title of the candidates of biological sciences in 1946, elected the corresponding member of Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences in 1958, as well as awarded the Order of Lenin and several other orders and medals.

Dr. Rashad Salimov, head of the Department of Systematics and biodiversity of the Institute of Botany of ANAS delivered his lecture on “Modern Development Trends in Plant Systematics”. He stressed that one of the most valuable pages in the history of botanical science of Azerbaijan was related to the name of the outstanding scientist Ivan Karyagin.

Then academician Maharram Babayev and others made speeches and noted that the prominent scientist will forever remain in the memory of the Azerbaijani people.

The event then featured the screening of the film devoted to the life and activity of Ivan Karyagin, the eminent researcher of the flora of Azerbaijan.

The presentation of the book “Plants of the Greater Caucasus (Azerbaijan)” which was compiled for the region for the first time under the leadership of academician Valida Alizade was also held.


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