Armenian military opens fire on Azerbaijani civilian - PHOTOS

  10 July 2019    Read: 1833
Armenian military opens fire on Azerbaijani civilian - PHOTOS

Armenian army snipers, deployed on nameless heights in Chinari and Muses villages of Berd district, opened a fire at a tractor driven by a civilian in Alibeyli village of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district.

Villager Rashad Aliyev, 35, told that he came under a sniper fire while he was working in the field. As a result, several bullets hit the cab and tractor tires. Fortunately, Rashad Aliyev was not injured, as he was able to leave the cab in time.

The Armenian army that aims to escalate tensions on the contact line of troops by shelling Azerbaijani civilians is likely to commit another serious provocations.

According to the villagers, recently the Armenian military began to violate the ceasefire, shelling residential settlements. However, residents of Alibeyli village continues their normal lives, as the Azerbaijani army fully controls the operational situation on the frontline.  

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry has confirmed the fact of the provocation. 

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