Fascinating PHOTOS of Lake Goygol

  17 July 2019    Read: 4437
 Fascinating  PHOTOS  of Lake Goygol

Lake Goygol is Azerbaijan's most fascinating lake. Nestled in the Lower Caucasus Mountains a short distance from Ganja, Azerbaijan`s second city sits on the almost elusive Lake Goygol.

Greater Goygol area is often split into 19 lakes. A 12th-century earthquake created the mountain lake, which sits 1500 metres above sea level and attracts thousands of local tourists each year.


Due to the pureness of the water, we can see underwater life clearly 8–10 meters below the surface. The deep blue lake surrounded by lush forests in the Lower Caucasus Mountains stretches for almost 3 kilometres. A hint of German culture hangs in the air with a Lutheran Church and a few remaining monuments.

The lake fauna is very rich. A variety of wildlife, including several species of birds and fish, call the area home too. The Goygol Trout has evolved from the river trout since the natural creation of the lake.

Photo credit: Shahin Sardarov

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