Russia natural gas price to rise for Armenia residents

  17 September 2019    Read: 1605
  Russia natural gas price to rise for Armenia residents

According to Zhoghovurd (People) newspaper, the  Russian Federation (RF) intends to raise the price of natural gas, this time also for the residents of the Republic of Armenia (RA) .

“Zhoghovurd daily learned that during this time, the Russian side hints to the Armenian authorities about a 30-percent increase in [natural] gas prices. And if RF President Vladimir Putin visits Armenia, nonetheless, then RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan intends to conduct negotiations directly with him on the [natural] gas price hike.

“But on the other hand, the Armenian side hopes that it will be able to achieve a 30-percent change through negotiations. But, according to experts, the rise in [natural] gas price is inevitable for the RA population.

“On this occasion, Prime Minister’s spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan said, in a conversation with Zhoghovurd daily: daily: ‘We always discuss the [natural] gas price issue, but there is no issue about the percentage. The outcome will be clear after the negotiations,’” Zhoghovurd wrote.

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