Musical instruments of Azerbaijan - PHOTOS

  18 September 2019    Read: 2188
Musical instruments of Azerbaijan -  PHOTOS

Azerbaijan has a rich, varied musical tradition. Most of the instruments have appeared in ancient times, get improved and reached our time.


The most ancient and popular musical instrument. Length: 100 cm, width: 24 cm


Tar resembles a guitar. Average number of strings – 11. Length: 90 cm, width: 20 cm


Three or four and sometimes five-string instrument with a round body and a round neck. Kemancha timbre resembles a violin. Length: 74 cm, width: 21 cm


Ud was often represented in the works of miniature painting. Four strings of ancient ud likened to the four elements of nature: fire, water, earth, air.Length: 90 cm, width: 39 cm, height: 22 cm


If today, for every musician important to be able to play the piano, the Eastern musicians of the past, as the performers on various instruments, make a point and play on the Ganun. Length: 94 cm, width: 40 cm, height: 10 cm


When you play balaban you shoud use fingers of both hands to open and close certain holes. Length: 42 cm, width: 6 cm


Wide shape at the tip adds the instrument sharpness. Length: 36 cm, width: 7 cm


Tutek resembles a flute. Length: 33 cm, width: 3 cm Unique and powerful sound of these instruments makes them a favourite folk instruments.

Gosha-naghara (double-naghara)

One of the most widespread folk percussion instruments. While it is being played, the instrument is usually placed on the floor or on a special platform. Wooden sticks are used to play it. Length: 47 cm, width: 27 cm, height: 21 cm


Very similar to the tambourine. One of those rare musical instruments, which has preserved its original shape. Length: 40 cm, width: 6 cm


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