Moscow: U.S. unleashed visa war on Russia

  30 September 2019    Read: 973
Moscow: U.S. unleashed visa war on Russia

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has reiterated Moscow’s readiness to respond to Washington’s decision to deny Russian delegates visas to participate in UN General Assembly events earlier this month.

"Speaking of whether we will unleash a visa war, you know, this war is [already] going on and it was the United States which began it," Ryabkov said in interview with the International Life magazine.

He noted that Russian diplomats have repeatedly urged their American counterparts to reach a consensus on the matter rather than act in line with the "eye-for-eye" principle.

"So far, all the efforts have been in vain. Apparently, our priorities run counter to the ones hammered out by those who elaborate Washington’s Russian policy," Sputnik cited the diplomat as saying.

"It seems that they confine themselves to trying to talk with us from a position of strength even though it’s clear to everyone that such a policy is doomed to fail,” Ryabkov added.


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