Vladimir Putin sends appeal to participants of NAM Summit

  25 October 2019    Read: 2709
Vladimir Putin sends appeal to participants of NAM Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent an appeal to the participants and guests of the 18th Summit of heads of state and government of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which is taking place in Baku.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I am sincerely glad to welcome you on the occasion of the opening of the 18th Summit of NAM,” reads the appeal. “Your meeting is taking place against the backdrop of a troubled international environment. In some regions we are witnessing an escalation of armed conflicts, as well as interethnic and interreligious tensions. All of this hampers the resolution of many social and economic problems, including such vital ones as fighting poverty and hunger.”

“The provisions that were outlined over six decades ago at the first Asia-Africa conference in Bandung are still relevant,” the Russian president said in his appeal. “The key ones include the adherence to the goals and principles of the UN Charter, the acknowledgement of the unconditional equality of all countries and non-interference in their domestic affairs.”

“Russia has consistently supported the efforts of the Non-Aligned Movement aimed at building a just multipolar world order, development of equitable international dialogue and cooperation based on generally accepted legal norms and consideration of the legitimate interests of all partners,” reads the appeal. “I am sure that the further expansion of constructive interaction between Russia and the Non-Aligned Movement will strengthen security and stability at the regional and global level. I wish you successful work and all the best.”



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