Interview with Samuel A. Weems: Fabricated Armenian Genocide

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Interview with Samuel A. Weems: Fabricated Armenian Genocide
The Truth about Fabricated Armenian Scottish American Christian Author Reveals The Truth about Fabricated Armenian Genocide Claims. Exclusive interview with Samuel A. Weems, author of “Armenia:The Great Deception-Secrets of a ‘Christian’ Terrorist State.”

The book by Samuel A. Weems, the author provides evidence that Armenians have in the past, and still today, continue to play the Christian versus Muslim religion-race-ethnic card with great success, regardless of truth.

The author seeks to expose the selfish and wrong actions by the state of Armenia and demonstrate how this country obtains foreign aid from Christian nations and funding by Christian churches. Weems states that foreign aid is the number one import of this state, and terrorism is its number one export. The book answers many questions and is the first work that has researched the Armenian Apostolic Church and its leadership role in state sponsored terrorism.

The author of “Armenia: The Great Deception-Secrets of a ‘Christian’ Terrorist State” uses evidence derived from Armenian historians, as well as American, British and Russian eyewitnesses. It also describes how Armenian dictators have misled their own people, and how Armenia has fought against and opposed the United States War on Terrorism for its own self-interests.

TDN: What are the causes of modern-day Armenian terrorism?

WEEMS: I think there are two basic root causes of modern-day Armenian terrorism. First, even though the Armenian Church claims to be the oldest official state church in the world, there is no separation of church and state.
The Armenian Church has been an active partner in state sponsored terrorism, dating back to the 1890s and earlier. The second root cause of modern-day Armenian terrorism is the political structure in Armenia that also dates back to 1890.
Politics and state-sponsored terrorism are one, beginning with the Bell (Hinchak) and Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s (Dashnak) statement of purpose. These official terrorist policies continue to this day.

TDN: It has been reported that the Armenian members of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee withdrew from talks because of threats. Do you know why the Armenian committee members withdrew?

WEEMS: I have followed the activities of this committee closely. This committee was nothing more than an Armenian scam and con job from day one! Armenians had an agenda and this is why they agreed to a six-member Turkish Committee with only four Armenians.

The Armenian members, from day one, claimed that it was an established fact there was a genocide of 1.5 Million Armenians in 1915 and that Turkey must pay reparations of money and land to Armenia. The reason the Armenians wanted a 6 to 4 Turkish Committee majority was because they thought they could convince the Turkish majority into agreeing to have an American Institution make a determination, that the 1948 United Nations Jewish findings of fact would also apply to their alleged 1915 genocide. Had the Armenians been able to talk their way into such a finding by a committee that was majority Turkish, they would have achieved two things to use to create pro-Armenian/anti-Turk world opinion:

First, that a handpicked United States institution had made a finding that there was a genocide equal to the Jewish Genocide UN findings of 1948. Second, that a majority Turkish Committee had arranged for such a determination.

In my view, there were never real threats by Armenians to the Armenian Committee members. Such claims were made to divert attention in an effort to deceive the Turkish members.

TDN: Has the U.S. political system been used by ethnic lobbies for the interests of Armenia?

WEEMS: Yes! Armenians established in the United States, what they called their “Armenian Colony,” in about 1918. Armenia sent thousands of their citizens to the United States to lobby America for money and support from individual Christians, Christian churches and the U.S. Government. This Armenian lobby has been most successful and continues its activities to this day. The reason for their success is because they play the ethnic race/Christian versus Muslim cards so well. The Armenians know that there is no “Muslim” lobby to refute and oppose them.

TDN: Do you have personal knowledge that Armenian Americans place their special interests above vital U.S. interests?

WEEMS: Yes! Here is but one example of proof certain that Armenian-Americans do such things. President Bush stated after September 11th that it was in the best interest of the United States to reach out and build friendships throughout the Muslim world.
One such Muslim country the President reached out to was Azerbaijan. Armenian American politicians objected and fought the President’s effort to establish normal relations with Azerbaijan. Why? Because the Armenian lobby had been successful in getting the U.S. Congress to cut foreign aid to Azerbaijan after the Armenians’ sneak, surprise, cowardly and unprovoked attack on Azerbaijan in 1992.
Armenian American special interests were fearful that a new U.S.-Azerbaijan friendship would became strong and Armenia fears such a friendship and partnership. Thus Armenia fought the United States “War on Terrorism” rather than permit America’s building friendships in the Muslim world. Selfish-Yes! Anti-Muslim-Yes! Against the best interests of the United States-Yes!

TDN: Why has Armenia received so much aid from the U.S. Government?

WEEMS: As I tried to explain in my previous answer, because the Armenians have been seeking aid from Christians, Churches and the U.S. Government dating back to 1918. The Armenians play the Christian card and there is no one from the Muslim world to show that the Armenians are terrorists!

TDN: While the U.S. has been supporting Armenia, has Armenian foreign policy supported U.S. interests, especially in the region?

WEEMS:No. The only Armenian foreign policy I know of is this: The number one export of Armenia is terrorism. The number one import of Armenia is foreign aid. Neither of these two policies of Armenia is in the best interests of the U.S.

TDN: Although Armenia is illegally occupying Azerbaijan territory, why hasn’t the U.S. placed sanctions on Armenia as it did on Azerbaijan?

WEEMS: I am ashamed of my country’s foreign policy on this question. The real answer is; Armenia claims to be Christian like the United States while Azerbaijan is Muslim.
There is a cynical well – financed Armenian – American lobby as compared to Muslim Azerbaijan that has no real lobby. This is sad but true and American Christians must become aware of how they are being fleeced and deceived by Armenians. It is neither fair nor just. This isn’t Christian !.

TDN: Do you think Armenians have territorial ambitions against Turkey?

WEEMS: There is no doubt that Armenia has territorial ambitions against Turkey. Let me repeat that: There is absolutely no doubt that Armenia has territorial ambitions against Turkey! Why do I make such a direct and absolute statement ?.
Read the statements of the Armenian Reconciliation Committee, read the statements of ANCA, The Armenian National Committee of America, read the statements that Armenian historians make about “Armenian Turkey” and the “Armenian Plateau” in their books.

TDN: What other countries have been giving aid to Armenia and why?

WEEMS: Russia and the European Christian nations. Why? Because the Armenians have been playing the Christian vs. Muslim card so well since 1918.

TDN: Can you please describe religious tolerance in Armenia?

WEEMS: There is no religious tolerance in Armenia. Well, that is unless one is a member of the Apostolic Church in Armenia. The Church of Armenia practices Christianity as the Catholic Church did in the dark ages of history. There is persecution of all Christians other than the Church of Armenia.
As in the dark ages, the Armenian Church excommunicates Armenians and condemns their souls to hell if they take part in other branches of the Christian faith. This is one of the problems of Armenians. They live in the dark ages of today’s modern world. Such religious attitude is not helpful to world peace. In depth information is given on this subject in my upcoming book.

TDN: Can you compare how different faiths practice their religions in Armenia and Turkey?

WEEMS: I spent eight weeks in Turkey in August and September producing the “Seven Churches of Revelation” video, as I described earlier. I end my video by showing how Christianity is alive and well in Turkey. There are more than 100 Christian churches in Istanbul alone.
I picked one to use as an example of all to show the total freedom of religion that everyone enjoys in Turkey. I visited several Armenian Churches and interviewed Armenian Christians. I did have experiences when I tried to visit inside of few Armenian Churches and was not allowed to enter. I have a total list of every Armenian Church in the world. There are several more Armenian churches in Turkey than there are in Armenia. In each interview I had with Armenian Christians who live in Istanbul, people stated that they had total religious freedom practicing what they believe.

Contrast the total religious freedom Armenians enjoy in Turkey to the fact there is no religious freedom nor tolerance for Muslims or other branches of Christianity other than their church in Armenia.

According to the United States State Department and religious sources I reveal in my book, there is not one, let me repeat not one mosque allowed to operate on a regular basis in Armenia.

Another interesting fact is that almost 95% of Armenians are now ethnically pure today. Clearly the Armenians learned well from the Nazis they served so faithfully during World War II. They are working to create an ethnically pure society. History has proven over and over again that ethnic-pure societies are a threat to mankind. Case in point in modern history is Hitler’s Germany. It is so sad that Armenians were total partners with the Nazis of World War II, and they are attempting to recreate such days of horror by their ethnic cleansing work of Muslim Azerbaijan. The Armenians are not following the teachings of Christ with whom they claim to have followed and served for 1700 years. Christ never approved of ethnic cleansing of Jews, Muslims or anyone else. The Armenians are ethnic-cleansing even the other Christians in order to have a totally “Armenian Church” pure state! They are creating their own brand of religion just as the Nazis did.

TDN: Many Turkish people are surprised to discover that American-Armenians have a great deal of hatred for Turks. The same hatred is fueled in many Armenian communities such as in France. What are the reasons for this?

WEEMS: My research shows that there is clearly an Armenian Mastermind Plan that generates Armenian hate around the world. In my view the Armenian Church in Diaspora teaches this hate from birth. A baby is not born to hate, they are taught to carry it.

TDN: Do you think it would be more effective to discuss these issues and problems with the Armenian Diaspora, or to deal with Armenian officials?

WEEMS: I believe that neither is going to work until the Armenian Church begins to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ. Until that happens, Turkey will waste time and create false hope of ever negotiating with Armenia about anything.

Armenia wants billions of American dollars and Turkish lands, what is there to negotiate? Armenia demanded those same things at the Allied Peace Conference after World War I. Armenians demanded that the Ottoman Government give them money and land based on their bogus one-sided massacre claims.

The Paris Peace conference heard the Armenians wild claims in 1919 and gave them zero-nothing! Today, 83 years later, the Armenians are demanding that Turkey give them billions of dollars and Turkish lands. Such a claim, in plain language, is crazy. It was bogus at the end of World War I, when the Paris Peace Conference rejected it, and it is still bogus today !.

I would hope that we will see a climate of change take place within Armenia in the near future, because I strongly believe that it is in Armenia’s best interests to have peace. There is something here that readers need to also know. Not all of the Armenians who live in Armenia are siding with Armenian terrorism, and I think that the hope of peace lies in those people’s hearts and minds.

I have already received letters from Armenians who explained to me that they were not siding and approving Armenian terrorism. They are plain folks and they do suffer from their country’s instability, its policies and Armenian American lobbyist actions.

If these issues continue to provoke nationalism both in Armenia and Turkey, and pose an obstacle to regional peace and stability, what role could the U.S. play?

WEEMS: Turks need to answer that question themselves. How much do you know about Armenian Americans’ lobbying activities that are going on in the U.S.A.? Have you taken any action to defend the accusations directed at your country? Have you written to anybody about it? How will the U.S. Congress know you are right in your case, if you never show up and talk about it? Or at least, find the truth out for yourselves first and know that your ancestors did not commit such a crime. Turkey has been a true friend of the United States since the great leader of yours Ataturk established democracy in Turkey in 1923 and a strong NATO ally since 1952. I believe since then there has been an unbroken line of friendship and partnership between Turkey and the U.S. Then there are Armenian Americans. But be careful; I’m talking about the Diaspora here, not the ones who live, without a single doubt, happily and peacefully in Turkey. The Diaspora have mooched, begged, whined, and complained since 1918 to anyone who would listen. First the Armenians betrayed the Ottomans and joined the Russians.

Next, the Armenians betrayed the Allies of World War I, cut a deal and joined the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Then the Armenians betrayed the Russians and joined the Nazis. Thereafter the Armenians tried to join the Allies then went back to the Russians.

You judge what kind of troublesome and back stabbing nation that is.There are some 65 to 70 million Turks living only in Turkey. There are only 2.7 million Armenians left in Armenia. It is a tiny land-locked country. More than one million Armenians escaped to Russia, Turkey, and other places during the past ten years.

I do not believe that the United States has any business with such unreliable, unpredictable bunch of people in such an unstable territory of the world, which, over the next 20 years, will fade away and become a footnote on the pages of history if left to themselves.

TDN: You have mentioned that Armenia is always in want of money. Do you think the allegations of genocide are a way for Armenia to get territory and money from Turkey?

WEEMS: Yes, I do. Just look at their activities, plans, announcements, statements of their media in Europe and the U.S.A. and you will see that it is one of the major goals of their lobbies outside Turkey. They are actively and tirelessly working on telling their tall tales all over the U.S. and Europe. Let me be honestly crystal clear to your readers: Armenians want an acknowledgement, an apology, monetary reparations, and land, in that order. This 4-legged plan is written in every Armenian newspaper over the years and it is no secret. It seems rather strange to me that some, or most Turks, do not know this at all, or do not seem to take it seriously.
This evil Armenian plan looks serious to me, which is one of the reasons I wrote my upcoming book: “The secrets of a ‘Christian’ terrorist state”.

TDN: Obviously the policies of the Armenian Government and actions of terrorist groups do not represent all Armenians. Are there large numbers of Armenians who are willing to put these controversial issues aside in order to end hostilities? Won’t an attitude of aggression undermine Armenia’s advancement as a successful democracy and fail to create good leaders?

WEEMS: The United States is the most open and free nation in the world. I know of no Armenian American who speaks out in opposition to Armenian terrorism. Of course there is a few percentage of Armenian Americans, especially the old generation, who do not approve of the escalating hostility toward Turkey. However, they do keep silent.

History records that when the Armenian Revolutionary Federation was organized, one of its Manifesto statements was to use terror against its own people who didn’t toe the party line. I suspect this attitude continues today. And like I mentioned above, there are Armenians who do want peace and stability in their country, and do not want to fight with and terrorize Muslims. Sadly to say that Armenia has never been a democracy, but a dictatorship. Their so-called election recently is a complete fraud, just like the one in 1918. Look at the Armenian voter lists–Great increases in numbers while a million citizens fled the state! Armenia must rid itself of corrupt state and church leaders before there can be a start for real reforms.

TDN: The EU parliament, France, Italy and other countries have passed legislation accusing Turks of genocide. Can you please comment on the worldwide effort and campaign to have pro-Armenian genocide legislation passed in the parliaments of various countries?

WEEMS: This is nothing more than playing the same old “Christian versus Muslim” ethnic/race/religion cards by Armenia. The motive behind these meaningless resolutions is to put pressure on Turkey to give Armenia billions of dollars and lots of Turkish lands. When one thinks about it, reads the historical accounts, he or she will find out for themselves that there was no such genocide.
My question is why should any nation on earth involve itself in this matter at all, since these allegations of a so-called genocide took place 87 years ago? The real answer to why some European countries passed meaningless resolutions of Armenian support is nothing more than the age old “Christian vs. Muslim” issue, and such things have no place in today’s modern world which seeks peace and understanding of each others’ different faiths.

I must note that history reflects that France and Italy were two of the countries seeking national advantages for themselves during World War I at the Turks’ expense. I see that they are still playing the self-advantage game! No right thinking government, based on the conclusive evidence, can say with absolute certainty, as some European countries have done, that there was a genocide.

TDN: The international community adopted the term “genocide” in 1948. How have these elected officials legally defined genocide and applied it to the events around 1915, which Turks say were the result of war and deportation, in part triggered by uprisings of armed Armenians who allied with the enemies of the Ottoman Empire.

WEEMS: The truth is defined in the question! The “United Nations Convention for Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” made a finding of the Jewish genocide on December 9, 1948. First of all the definition itself clearly proves that there was no “Armenian genocide!” The legal definition of genocide is this: “The systematic killing, or a program of action intended to destroy, a whole national or ethnic group.”

The United Nations gives a very detailed definition of genocide. The true facts are, when the Ottoman government relocated the disloyal Armenians because they were using terrorist activities to help the invading Russians, there was no intention to destroy, in whole or in part the Armenians, and relocation cannot be considered as a genocide as the Armenians attempt to get the world to believe today.

The undisputed facts are that only Armenians in eastern Anatolia were removed. They were removed because they had joined with the Russians in trying to overthrow the Ottoman government. The absolute truth is that at least one million Armenians who lived in other regions of the Ottoman Empire were neither removed nor were they harmed in any way.

It is undisputed that the Armenians in eastern Anatolia were disloyal to the Ottoman government and were using armed force to try to overthrow it, by taking advantage of their churches’ immunities, and we all know that the Ottomans never interrupted their freedom of religion.

The Ottoman government leaders even asked the head of the Armenian Church to help them stop the Armenian rebellion, or they would be forced to remove the Armenians from behind their army. The Armenian head priest refused this request for help and the Ottomans thereafter removed the Armenians. The Armenians in eastern Anatolia paid a terrible price because their church refused to help them when they could have done so. This church refusal is a major factor in causing the terrible removal of the eastern Anatolia Armenians.

Compare what the Ottoman government did to what my own United States government did at the start of World War II. Japan had made a sneak, surprise, cowardly, and unprovoked attack on U.S. naval forces at Pearl Harbor.

The U.S. government, on short notice with great personal loss, removed every Japanese American from the West Coast of the United States and moved them inland. These Japanese Americans were placed in military guarded camps until the end of the war. This was done to protect the American national interests during a war.

Just think, there was no evidence that Japanese Americans were disloyal to the United States. Compare this fact to the Armenians and there is no question but that they were not only disloyal, they were also engaged in an armed rebellion.

It is “silly” to claim that the Turks massacred 1.5 million Armenians! True facts are clear by both American and British eyewitnesses: there was no massacre nor was there a genocide.

In my research I discovered that even the Armenian chief historian uses two sets of books. What I mean by that is the Armenians use the same numbers to count in one of their revisions of history a massacre. Then, in another revision of history, they use the same numbers to count refugees! I choose to believe the American and British eyewitnesses’ accounts and the set of books the Armenians use to count refugees. Therefore there could not have been a massacre as they claim !.

TDN: From your research do you see any links between hatred and terrorism?

WEEMS: Sadly to say, with the Armenians hatred and terrorism appear to be one and the same.

TDN: Do the allegations increase prejudice against Turkey and have Turkish-American relations been effected by the allegations of genocide made by Armenians?

WEEMS: I am sorry to say-yes, this is correct. I am also sorry to say that the reason so many Americans believe this Armenian tall tale is because the Turks have ignored these false claims for all these years and no one has stood up to tell the truth about the bogus genocide claim.

There is an old political saying in America: “If you tell a lie big enough and often enough and no one challenges you-a great number of people will believe the lie no matter how big it is.”

This is what the Armenians have been doing since 1918 and the Turks have not come to America and disproved it. In the last few years, though, I have noticed some increased level of activities among Turkish Americans, especially with the emergence of Turkish Forum, a cyberspace think-tank. They seem to respond to anti-Turkish allegations almost instantly and wage spirited counter campaigns. Turkish Forum letters are signed by Turks from the U.S.A., Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, which is impressive. They do a great job in publishing information to the Turkish Community around the world and by tirelessly defending the cause of Turks.

I have great respect for individuals who work diligently every day to insure that the world knows the truth. While this is all good, it is not nearly enough. Turkish Forum needs more support and contribution from Turks to organize and spread truth to the United States and the world. More needs to be done by organized grass roots campaigns to counter the ongoing anti-Turkish efforts. If this isn’t done, Americans will simply believe what they hear, especially if it is repeated often enough and never objected to. This is a fact of life. Hitler was right. Tell a lie a 1000 times and people will believe it if it is not refuted.

Turkey doesn’t need to be subjected to the big lie and this is a major reason why I wrote the book and I hope that not only Americans start asking questions of the Armenians–I also hope the Turks will awake, stand tall, and fight the good fight of truth. The Turks are world famous for their fighting ability.

I have a family member who fought next to Turks in Korea. He recalls how the North Koreans were very fearful of facing the Turk fighting man. It is time now for the Armenians and others to become fearful of facing the realities and the Turk on the stage of world opinion !.

TDN: Have you met with leaders and members of the Armenian communities in Turkey? Can you compare their life and status as a minority in Turkey with that of the status of minorities in Armenia?

WEEMS: I have visited with Armenians in Turkey. They live very well and have the same total freedoms that Turks enjoy. It appears that many Armenians, who live in Turkey, especially the ones who live in the big cities are well off financially and they live prosperous and peaceful lives. Many own good businesses and are in total harmony with Turks.

On the subject of minorities in Armenia, there are only about 5% minorities left in Armenia. There are only a small handful of Muslims remaining and they are forbidden to practice their religion. There is no way to compare except to say that Armenians living in Istanbul, for example, live in the sunlight of a modern world. What few Muslims who remain in Armenia live in is the blackness of a moonless cloudy night of the dark ages of past history, many hundreds of years ago.

TDN: Many U.S. State legislatures have passed laws that support the “Armenian Genocide” allegations. Do you think they are adequately informed about Armenian history? Can such legislation have an effect on U.S. diplomacy in the future? Do you think it could become a criminal act in the U.S. for making contrary remarks, just like in France where a well-known American professor was taken to court and fined? What state laws might be applied if one denies an “Armenian genocide” took place?

WEEMS: Permit me to explain these “laws.” First of all not one of the U.S. state legislative acts has any power or force of law. All these state legislatures have passed are “Resolutions” that are worthless and have no legal meaning !.

These “Resolutions” express the thoughts of the elective officials. A law can be enforced while a resolution has no such power. These “Resolutions” are worthless and meaningless as far as the some solid actual laws are concerned.

Of course these elective state legislators are not informed, nor do they know either Armenian or Turkish history. These worthless resolutions are brought to them by Armenian Americans who whine, beg and moan as they tell their tall tale of how the terrible Turk massacred 1.5 million of their Christian forefathers in 1915. Only a very few Turks ever try to present the truth and they are not organized as the Armenians are. The purpose of the state “resolutions” is to influence American foreign policy to give Armenians more and more American taxpayer dollars. They pass their resolutions and claim a vast majority of Americans who support them. This is a lie, but it is effective! What the French do could not happen in the United States. The United States Constitution guarantees total freedom of speech. Congress shall pass no law to take this basic freedom away from the people. If any American doesn’t like any law he or she has the absolute right to speak out to oppose it.

TDN: Do you think an atmosphere has been created in the U.S. where students and academics are reluctant to study these topics and think freely?

WEEMS: Yes, I do. No question about it! Case in point, as I mentioned earlier, is an American professor’s home was bombed because he spoke about the horror of Armenian actions.
I know a well-known professor of history who was afraid to do a specific research project while working on his Ph.D. degree because of fear of Armenian professors! I know of other terrible Armenian American educators who pressure students and other professors in our colleges and universities. Such conduct in my judgment is unacceptable and it clearly is un-American !.

TDN:Last April President Bush stated 1.5 million Armenians were annihilated. How do you think this figure was determined?

WEEMS: Armenian Americans gave him this number! Armenian Americans buy influence especially within the Republican Party. Case in point: Elizabeth Dole, wife of former Senator Bob Dole, is running for the United States Senate in North Carolina.

She recently went to California for a large fund raising dinner sponsored by Armenian Americans. Question: What business does a gaggle of California Armenian Americans have in giving many tens of millions of dollars to a possible new United State Senator from North Caroline ?.
This is typical Armenian American tactics and this is how they buy influence and access to important elected United States elective officials.

The Turkish American community is not so organized, and don’t do much organized grassroots action work like the Armenians do.
Thus the Armenians have the playing field almost all to themselves and this is why Turks see an American president making such dumb comments even if history proves such statements are untrue.

TDN: As an American how do you feel about the fact the textbooks of school children are incorporating biased, inaccurate, and distorted information about the history of Armenians? Turks see this as brainwashing of American children, how would you describe it? How can this sort of misinformation be countered, in addition to attempts to tarnish the image of Turks, such as with the new Armenian-backed anti-Turkish film “Ararat”?

WEEMS: It is brainwashing and it is the work of Armenians! You have to give the Armenians credit for boldness. Consider the fact that Armenian members of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee even wanted the children of Turkey to be taught that there was genocide as they do in a few states here in the United States. To make certain the children were taught properly the Armenians wanted Turkish children to be tested on an annual basis to make certain they believed there was genocide.

The fact that Armenian Americans have secured approval from some state education departments and teach that the Turks committed the first genocide in the 20th century is one very good reason for the Turks to now stand up and tell truth and get involved.

If the Turks don’t and the Armenian Americans get all 50 American states to teach this, the next generation of Americans will believe this tall tale. This will not help Turkey at all in the years to come !.

I do not agree with this Armenian revision of history to fit their goals by teaching children to believe Armenian historical revision lies! I don’t think a vast majority of Americans will like it either once they find out what Armenians have done.

The Turks must produce their own films for the American market. Again, the Turks must get organized and support, with their liras, the efforts of Turkish Americans if this great wrong is to be made right.

TDN: The Elian Gonzalez case in Florida seems to be a precedent in U.S. history where an ethnic lobby so blatantly resisted the U.S. justice system. Do you think defiant lobbies could pose problems in the future?

WEEMS: In this case the American justice system won. There may be resistance by some groups in the future, but that is unlikely. I don’t expect Armenians to ever do such a thing. There are only about one million of them out of the some 285 million of other nationalities in the U.S.
The Armenian way has always been by sneak-back room attacks in the black of night. I expect them to continue these tactics.

TDN: Some Armenian groups in California have lobbied for lighter sentences for terrorist acts. How do you think the developments after September 11 might affect the attitudes of such groups?

WEEMS: The Armenian Americans will just keep on keeping on begging and mooching money to try to turn this terrorist murderer, Hampig Sassoonian, back out on American streets !.

Even though the Armenian American terrorist has had his day in court, had the best legal defense money could buy, California found him guilty and said he must serve a life sentence.

Armenian Americans today have raised more than $300,000, all trying to get him out of prison to walk the streets again. Most Americans would not approve of this conduct if they knew it !.

TDN: Can you please explain how your background as a state prosecutor has helped you to write this book?

WEEMS: Two things: Good research skills and the habit of always looking to tie events together to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. I used perhaps as much as nearly 90% research from Armenian sources to write my book. One clue would lead me to another, and then to another, and I simply developed my book point by point.

Permit me to share one example: On the second page of his Armenian history book, an Armenian professor stated there were two million Armenians living within the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Strangely later he claims more than 1 million of this number were massacred by the Turks. In another book, the good professor provides numbers to prove that there were about the same number of Armenian refugees as the original population, thus disproving his own genocide claims. I didn’t have to do anything to prove or disprove genocide.

I let the good Armenian professor do the documentation. I just pointed to the obvious, blaring discrepancies. The proof is that about half of the Armenians living within the Ottoman Empire didn’t live in the war zone in Anatolia, and were not removed. This good professor listed footnotes and when I checked them out I discovered that there were several American and British eyewitnesses. All I did was to total the numbers supplied by the Armenian historian and his numbers simply didn’t add up! I also then went to British, French, Russian and Italian historical numbers, also listed by the Armenian historian. When you take all the numbers together plus the American and British eyewitnesses, there it is, plain as day, there was no genocide and there is proof that the Armenians cooked the books and counted people removed as both massacred and as refugees.

When they wanted pity, money and reparation, all these refuges were “killed”; but when it was time to prove to the West that Armenians did have numbers to establish a state of their own, all of those “dead” refugees, all of a sudden, very strangely came back to life !!. Magic !.

TDN: It was not until the last few minutes before a vote on the Armenian genocide that the speaker of the House of Representatives withdrew the proposed legislation because it could harm U.S. national security. Isn’t this process confusing for legislators and risky for the U.S. to allow such proposed legislation to advance to such a point? Some lawmakers believe that they were being asked to ignore historical fact because it complicated foreign policy. How do you interpret the developments above and their effects on lawmakers?

WEEMS: The truth is the Republican Speaker of the House attempted to save face by making a claim of national security when he withdrew the resolution. The rest of the story and the truth is that the Speaker didn’t have the votes to pass it, and this is why he withdrew it !.

There is a hardcore group of Republicans; I call them extremists, who could not care less about national security if they could have passed the resolution. They had been bought and paid for with Armenian American political campaign money, just like the Armenian Americans are trying to buy Mrs. Dole in North Carolina.

One basic fact must be remembered. The Republican members of Congress were trying to pass a “Resolution.” A Resolution has no force of law and does nothing but express an opinion. It is not a law as such.

In truth such a Resolution is meaningless and isn’t worth the paper it is written on because it couldn’t do anything except make Armenians feel good.

Of course had such a Resolution passed, the Armenians would have had a feeding frenzy, trying to use it to get more money out of the American Congress as well as trying to force Turkey to give in and buy them off for a while with lira and land.

What is so odd to me is the fact Turkey and the United States are good trading partners. The two countries did more than 7 billion dollars of trade with each other just last year. Turkey bought more than one billion dollars more in the U.S. than we did in Turkey. And what about the Armenians ? Almost zero !. Again Armenia’s number one export is terrorism and their number one import is foreign aid.

TDN: How successfully or poorly has the Turkish government, public, and Turkish Americans responded to the allegations of genocide?

WEEMS: I know a few Turkish Americans who are true champions for Turkey. The sad truth is that they are too few and they have little funding to compete against a well-oiled and funded Armenian lobby organization.

The Armenians have perhaps 40-50 full time professionals in Washington D.C. doing nothing but working each and every day to undercut Turkey and Azerbaijan and promote themselves for more foreign aid taxpayer funding. Turkish Americans have 0 staff and office working for them in Washington, D.C. The Turks really should do more to protect themselves. All they have to do is tell the truth! Here is an eye-opening calculation: Armenians, in the last 10 years, have probably spent hundreds of millions of dollars to support all the political candidates that they did.

When those candidates got elected, Armenian got 1.4 billion dollars in the same 10 years as U.S. Foreign Aid. That is, for every one dollar Armenian Americans “invested,” they got $100 back in U.S. aid to Armenia! 100 to 1 return! This is better return than Las Vegas casinos!
I strongly advise the Turkish Americans to wake up and Get involved!

TDN: What aspects of your book do you expect Armenians will criticize most?

WEEMS: How about the front cover, the back cover, and every word in between! They have already started. I received my first Armenian hate email just yesterday. The Armenian said my book was “lies, lies, lies” and was “nothing but Turkish revisionism”. What makes this comment so interesting is the fact that this person made all those wild accusations about my book without even reading it yet, because it hasn’t been printed as yet.

I expect Armenians to attack each and every word in my book. I also expect them to attack me with their off-the-wall comments. This has been the Armenian trademark since 1918. If anyone doesn’t toe the line and say and do what Armenians want and demand, they are attacked.

They attacked soon to be United States President Hubert Hoover when he tried to help them at the end of World War I. Mr. Hoover didn’t want to give U.S. dollars to corrupt dictators without checks and balances, to insure the money was used for the people. The Armenians, of course, didn’t want any part of honesty, so they attacked him.

They attacked an American navy admiral and a U.S. Army colonel because these brave and honest American soldiers objected to Armenian misrepresentations, corruption and massacre tall tales. The Armenians attacked United States President Woodrow Wilson because he refused to give them Muslim land from “sea to sea” (that is from Trabzon in the Black Sea to Adana in the Mediterranean) and would not spend billion dollars and commit 70,000 American troops to clear the Muslim lands for Armenians.

Armenians attacked the United States Senate, because they refused to vote for an Armenian mandate in 1920. Had the Senate voted to send American troops to give Muslim lands to Armenians, the United States would have involved itself in its first Vietnam of the 20th century.
Armenians even attacked American Christians and missionaries because they didn’t help them enough. Seems, as though they felt that $50 million dollars from the American Christian community was not enough. Another little known fact is that the Armenians borrowed another $50 million from the United States government in 1919, with promises to pay back.

Armenians cut a deal and became Communists in 1920 and said to the U.S., because they were now Communists, they didn’t have to repay the loan.

Now, I will ask an accountant friend of mine to calculate for me just how much that $50 million is with all the interest, compounded over the years.

Some say it could reach billions of dollars. As an American taxpayer, I demand that Armenia pay back the loan to my country. That’s my tax money they are sitting on. As you can see, I will be in good company each time an Armenian attacks me!

TDN: Are parts of the U.S. media biased, if so why, and what can be done?

WEEMS: There is no question but that some media is biased. However, it is not uncommon to read good travel articles about Turkey. I think the problem is that the 40-50 Armenian professionals who lobby the media, and the Turks don’t.

This is a sad truth and only the Turks themselves can make a commitment, put their money where their mouth is, and provide an alternative to the present day one-sided Armenians who provide day after day slanted information. The Turks should be presenting truth rather than silence !. TDN: Your title “Armenia: The Great Deception-Secrets of a ‘Christian’ Terrorist State” may make many people uneasy. How did you decide this should be the title of your book? Do you think Muslims have a point when they say that the press does not label terrorists who are Christian as “Christian terrorists” (such as Timothy McVeigh, the unabomber, and Serbs who committed genocide in Srebrenica) but never fail to add Muslim if the terrorist is a Muslim ?.

WEEMS: This is not the title I used when I first began researching my book four years ago. However, as I did my research in Washington, D.C., Paris, Rome, Moscow and London, I found reference after reference, hundreds of them, about activities from the lowest priests to the head of the Armenian Church, and their direct involvement in what any Christian, or any fair minded person for that matter, would consider terrorist acts.

The first chapter on my book is also the last chapter I wrote and it is titled “Holy Terror.” I explain in detail specific terrorist acts committed by officials of the Armenian Church as well as their political activity.

For a quick example, there is this episode in an Armenian church in Adana, just before the Armenian rebellion in Adana in 1909, I believe, where the top Armenian priest sermons to a packed audience “Sell your coat on your back if you have to and buy guns with it.” Such open invitation to rebellion via armed violence so outrages an American priest, who happens to be there that day, he storms out of the church in anger ! I hope the book does make Christians uncomfortable! American Christians too often live in a comfort zone. They must discover the great truth for themselves.

I don’t ask anyone to accept my book at face value. I ask only that American Christians read the book with an open mind and then study for themselves to find truth about Armenia. After Christians do their homework, and should they find for themselves that I am a truth teller, they must speak out and demand that their church and their government stop giving their hard-earned money to Armenia.

For any Christian to stand by and say nothing when truth is presented is to give approval to Armenian terrorism. It is just that simple!
Muslims have a valid complaint about the way the American media mentions “Muslim” to explain terrorism. This isn’t fair, nor is it just, because they don’t use “Christian” to describe Christian terrorists.

In all fairness, I must note there is a major effort being made within the United States after September 11th to make a big point of the fact that Muslim extremists do not represent a vast majority of the Muslim world.

Personally, based on my experiences with the 97%-98% Muslims of Turkey, I could not have been treated better even if I was a Christian. All Americans can learn from the Turks and respect everyone regardless of their religion.

The true test is what is in a person’s heart: Give love and respect, and love and respect come back to you. I wish that Americans would follow this Turkish example of “Peace at home and peace in the world.”

It is such a shame that Turkey’s next door neighbor Armenia refuses to follow this great teaching of “Peace at home and peace in the world” also.

At the risk of sounding self-serving, let me reiterate here, that every Turk should read my book to understand how they were short changed by Armenian propaganda over the years.

I am planning to send free copies of my book to every Christian priest and minister in America, as my book sales can finance such efforts. I welcome help from Turkish business community to expedite this project.

The faster I can pass this message along to Church leaders in America, the faster attitudes in America will change to see the Turkish side of the story, as well as distance the average American from Armenian allegations.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity of sharing my thoughts. As I have traveled the great nation of Turkey over this past four years I have been received warmly everywhere I went. I appreciate the great heart of the Turks.

My only regret is that I could not openly travel in Armenia, nor could I receive cooperation in the Armenian national archives that are located in America. I believe that it is difficult to have peace in the Near East because Armenia is such a closed society. I hope this cold attitude will change in the years to come and neighbors can become real neighbors in the Near East.

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