Azerbaijan launching innovation project in ECO

  04 December 2019    Read: 896
Azerbaijan launching innovation project in ECO

Azerbaijan is initiating the creation of a regional network of agricultural research and innovations of member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Minister Inam Karimov said at the sixth meeting of agriculture ministers of the ECO member countries in Baku, reports from the event Dec. 4.

Karimov said that this network will contribute to more effective integration of the existing system and foster sustainable development at the regional level.

“The organization of regional cooperation in the field of agriculture ensured food safety for more than 400 million residents of our region, and closer regional cooperation should be established to continue these efforts,” the minister noted.

“Being close to farmers, the use of innovations and the responsible work of the government are the main principles of our development policy in the agricultural sector,” Karimov added. “The main goal is to create sustainable agriculture, which equally combines environmental protection, food safety, trade growth and social responsibility. We are bringing the country’s rural economy to the modern level of digital agriculture. The transformation of the sector is based on the use of modern technologies, innovations and recently launched research projects in Azerbaijan. This allows farmers to have easy, mobile access to all services at any time.”

The minister also noted that any transformation of public services to achieve sustainable agriculture is an integral part of Azerbaijan’s policy.

“Based on this principle, farmers are benefiting from more than 70 agricultural services,” Karimov added. “Innovations play decisive role in agriculture and development of rural districts of our countries and the ECO member countries should join efforts in the relevant field.”

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