Data from all polling stations to arrive in coming hours - CEC

  24 December 2019    Read: 848
  Data from all polling stations to arrive in coming hours - CEC

Results from all polling stations will be received in the coming hours, and we will provide them to the public, Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Mazahir Panahov said at a press conference on the municipal elections, which were held on Dec. 23 in Azerbaijan. 

Panahov noted that elections were held in 1,606 municipalities with the participation of about 42,000 candidates for 15,156 seats in municipalities.

"Currently, results from 4,556 polling stations have been received at the CEC database. Thus, results from 1,475 municipalities are currently available on the CEC database. All the data has been received from 1,375 municipalities," Panahov said.

The CEC chairman added that during the election day, the 115 hotline of the CEC received 220 calls.

"Of these, 90 were requests related to the electoral list and the addresses of the polling stations. The rest 130 appeals were related to legal issues and were educational in nature. Webcams were installed at 1,000 polling stations, that is, approximately at 20 percent of them. There were 198,069 views on these webcams during the day. Of these, 130,318, that is, 65.7 percent were from the country, and 67,851 (34.3 percent) from abroad. This is a very attractive figure. It is an indicator of the sufficient attention to the elections. In addition, the number of users of the CEC website amounted to 282,627 people. And this is an indicator of public interest in the elections," Panahov said.

Municipal elections were held in Azerbaijan on Dec. 23. Voter turnout in the elections was 33.72 percent. Thus, 1,627,064 people voted in the elections.

This year, 15,156 members of municipalities were to be elected in the municipal elections on 1,606 municipalities.

In total, over 42,000 candidates applied for participation in the elections, and 13 parties nominated their candidates.

The elections were held on 118 constituencies. The voting took place at 5,049 polling stations. The municipal elections were monitored by 17 foreign and 52,636 local observers.

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