Azerbaijan's Digital Trade Hub presented at UN meeting in Bangkok

  21 January 2020    Read: 965

Azerbaijan's Digital Trade Hub under management of the country's Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication (IITKM) was presented at a meeting of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in Bangkok, Thailand, on facilitating cross-border paperless trade facilitation, reports citing Trend. 

The adoption of a framework agreement to facilitate cross-border paperless trade in Asia and the Pacific in accordance with the UN treaty will enable the region to accelerate progress in this area by digitizing trade procedures.

During the UN meeting, Jana Krimpe, a partner at Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan, director and founder of B.EST Solutions, made a presentation on the implementation of the Digital Trade Hub project as one of the best practices.

Jana Krimpe emphasized the importance of this project not only in the region, but also at the global level and informed the members of the working groups about the results of the past year and the launch of the Digital Trade Hub portal.

Krimpe also noted that the development of the Digital Trade Hub will constantly strengthen Azerbaijan's position as a digital shopping center in the region, expand the use of digital technologies in the social, economic and financial sectors, digitize existing services and make innovative efforts to accelerate access to electronic services.

The massive work done jointly with state and private structures in Azerbaijan on trade facilitation, paperless trade and all-round development was also presented.

Azerbaijan is achieving very goods results in the implementation process, Jana Krimpe said, citing a recent UN report on simplifying digital and sustainable trade procedures.

Azerbaijan's implementation exceeds 80 percent, while countries with regional averages, such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan show implementation rates of 67 and 62 percent, respectively, she added.

We would like to share our best practices and contribute to achievibng better results in paperless trading around the world, Jana Krimpe noted.

The Digital Trade Center of Azerbaijan is a public-private partnership created to develop digital infrastructure and a cross-border electronic trading platform in Azerbaijan and strengthen the country's position on a regional and global scale.

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