CEC: All appeals via hotline considered according to law

  07 February 2020    Read: 828
CEC: All appeals via hotline considered according to law

All appeals received by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Azerbaijan are considered according to the law, CEC Chairman Mazahir Panahov said at the commission's meeting on Feb. 7.

The chairman noted that the appeals received via hotline should not be answered hastily.

"Maybe someone does this intentionally to cause occurrence of the mistake made in a hurry. All calls to the hotline should be answered in accordance with the law. We try to resolve issues using every opportunity," Panahov said.

The chairman added that candidates' campaign posters on special boards throughout the country should not be removed until 8:00 on Feb. 8.

Mazahir Panahov stressed that there can be no case of violation of anyone's rights during the elections.

"The CEC is obliged to protect the rights of all constituent entities. For all unpleasant cases, you should contact the CEC. There are certain individuals who intentionally create such a situation. Therefore, citizens should first apply to the district election commissions in connection with such undesirable facts," Panahov said.

The early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be held on Feb. 9.



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