Head of Azerbaijan CEC meets with TURKPA International Observer Mission

  09 February 2020    Read: 1647
 Head of Azerbaijan CEC meets with TURKPA International Observer Mission

On February 9, Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Mazahir Panahov met with members of the TURKPA International Observer mission.

Welcoming the guests, the chairman of the CEC informed them about the election process.

“The majority of political parties in the country are being represented in the elections,” Panahov added. ‘The elections are monitored by international and local observers. Webcams have been installed at 1,000 polling stations.”

Head of the Kazakh observation mission Berik Ospanov stated that the parliamentarians of the Turkic states are observing the elections.

The guest thanked the CEC chairman for the warm reception despite his busy schedule.

Ospanov said that the election process is being held smoothly.

Then Panahov answered the guests' questions.

The parliamentary elections of the sixth convocation are being held in Azerbaijan on Feb. 9.

Some 1,314 candidates were registered within the early parliamentary elections.

The candidacies of 246 people were nominated by 19 political parties, 1,057 were self-nominated, 11 - by initiative groups.

Twenty-one percent account for female candidates while 79 percent – male candidates.

Throughout the day, 5,573 permanent polling stations will operate in 125 constituencies of the country.

Some 5,329,460 voters will take part in the voting, and 340,689 internally displaced people will vote in 573 polling stations.

Some 883 international observers and 77,790 local observers are observing the voting process. Among the local observers, 35,152 are representatives of political parties. International observers represent 58 countries and 59 organizations.

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