Aluminum plant of Azerbaijan's industrial park to export products to CIS countries

  19 February 2020    Read: 1151
Aluminum plant of Azerbaijan

The Aluminum and Copper Profile Production Plant of Azerbaijani Sumgayit Technologies Park (STP), engaged in the production of polymer pipes and aluminum profiles, plans to export its products to new markets in 2020, a source in the plant told Trend.

According to the source, it is about export to the Commonwealth Independent Countries (CIS).

"It is planned to increase the plant’s production capacity by 15-20 percent by the end of 2020. The plant carries out smelting and production of aluminum, smelting of copper. The productivity of aluminum furnaces is 30,000 tons per year. In 2020, it is planned to bring this indicator to 35,000-40,000 tons,” the source said.

The aluminum plant produces warm and cold profiles, window systems, aluminum bus bars, as well as other varieties of aluminum products.

In the production process, the plant mainly uses local raw materials supplied from Azerbajan's Ganja city.

The aluminum plant was commissioned in the STP’s area in 2014.

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