Azerbaijani officials talk increase of prices on face masks

  26 February 2020    Read: 991
Azerbaijani officials talk increase of prices on face masks

Retail prices for face masks in Azerbaijan have increased significantly, a source in the State Service for Antimonopoly Policy and Consumer Rights’ Protection under Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Economic Development told.

This is because most of the masks sold in Azerbaijan’s pharmacies are bought in foreign countries already for inflated prices, according to the source.

The prices for masks increased five times, if earlier they were sold at 10 qepiks (about 5 cent) for 1 mask, now they cost 50 qepiks (about 29 cent) for 1 mask.

“Some 90 percent of medical masks are imported to Azerbaijan from foreign countries,” the source noted. “Due to the hype related to the coronavirus, these countries raised the price of medical masks both in their country and for importing countries.”

“We are receiving various appeals related to increase in prices for masks, and we are trying to answer them immediately,” the source added.

In Azerbaijani pharmacies it is possible to buy domestic and imported medical masks, which are nearly the same in quality. However, it is necessary to pay attention that the packaging indicates GOST (the national standard of the Russian Federation and CIS countries), or the standard in accordance with which the masks were manufactured.



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