Theatre arts in Azerbaijan has a very long history

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Theatre arts in Azerbaijan has a very long history
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev inspected renovation work in the Shaki State Drama Theatre named after Sabit Rahman as part of his visit to the city on Thursday.

Development of national culture has been one of the priorities of the state policy in recent years. In accordance with the orders and instructions of the President Ilham Aliyev, all the historical monuments and cultural institutions of the country, including Shaki State Drama Theatre are under renovation, reports quoting official website of the President.

The Head of the State met with public members at the back yard of the theatre.

Greeting the public members, President Ilham Alitev said:

I am very glad to be in Shaki again. I trip to Shaki almost every year and get familiar with the work done here. I see things are going well in Shaki. Today, before coming here, we marked the opening of a rural road. This is also a great event. Now all roads leading to villages should be reconstructed. To this end, regular funds are allocated from the state budget, the Reserve Fund of the President. Rural roads are being constructed in all regions including Shaki today. The city becomes more beautiful. Work is underway in the villages, too. In short, dynamic development of Shaki in recent years is a very positive fact.

We together attended various opening ceremonies during my previous visits. This time we will view the renovation of the building of the drama theatre. When I was in Shaki last time, the inspection of this theatre was not in the program. Later our friends recommended this.

Director of History Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Yagub Mahmudov:

Mr. President, we all very grateful to you. You went beyond the scope of the program, came and opened a new theatre, a worthy for a homeland of Mirza Fatali Akhundzade. We are all grateful to you.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you. In fact, the program is conditional. What needs to be done should be done. The theatre, of course, was to be given a new life to ensure a better cultural life for Shaki. The condition which I have got familiar was a very frustrating experience. I even asked: how do artists play here plays? But I am happy with the great work done here. I will also inspect the work done inside. The theatre will open by the end of the next month.

Shaki theatre has great traditions. It is famous in Azerbaijan. But at the same time I remember that once I attended a play of Shaki theatre in 1980s when I was still studying in Moscow. This is a very significant fact. The fact that a theatre from a province puts on a play in Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, of course, is indicative of the potential of theatre. That is a tradition there, and you are saving these traditions.

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