Azerbaijan's Penitentiary Service suspends meetings with prisoners

  06 March 2020    Read: 932

The meetings and parcel deliveries to prisoners were suspended in the institutions of the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan due to the threat of coronavirus, Mehman Sadigov, Head of the service’s public relations department, told

“The above mentioned institutions are carrying out sanitary-epidemiological, preventive and educational measures. In this regard, meetings and receiving of parcels by prisoners have been suspended,” Sadigov noted.

The state of persons infected with coronavirus is being seriously monitored in Azerbaijan, and all necessary measures are being taken to treat them.

Azerbaijan remains one of the countries, least affected by the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The country's official structures are applying necessary measures to prevent any possible exposure of coronavirus. Azerbaijan has also imported necessary medical equipment to carry out coronavirus tests.

Member of the Operational Headquarters created under the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers in connection with coronavirus Yagut Garayeva said on March 5 that at least 500 people have been quarantined in the country.

Until now, no deaths from the disease have been recorded in the country.

Azerbaijan's official structures have also set up quarantine centers in the country's districts, which would allow to react faster to the possible outbreak due to joint borders. Azerbaijan shares border with Iran, where coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the country has reached 6.

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